Millennium Solutions Inc.


How does the Wolverine filter work? You simply redirect your MX records to our servers, and our anti-spam service filters your email before passing the good mail on to you. We go out of our way to make sure that any legitimate emails (known as false positives) don’t get accidentally marked as spam, so you don’t have to worry about losing important email. By re-routing your incoming email to our hosted data center, Wolverine takes the brunt of any spam assault, and passes only the good email to you.

Some of the key benefits of the Wolverine is there is no software or hardware to install, it’s all cloud-based at our data center. There is no filter tuning required; zero administration and our servers are fully redundant system backed up at a secondary data center. A crash of an email server can be a major problem as you face the possibility of losing your emails. With our email spam filtering service, if one of your email servers goes down, we store your email for up to 96 hours until your server is brought back online.

Any spam that we filter for your domain is stored in a web-based quarantine for up to 35 days where each person can individually login and manage. Individual users have secure access to any email that has been tagged as spam and placed in quarantine, which they can review without downloading the email and placing your computer or entire network at risk. Each user of our email spam filtering service can also receive an optional Spam Digest report that allows them to review their spam Quarantine without having to manage an extra ’junk’ email folder.

Our email spam filter service helps to protect the integrity of your Internet connection by eliminating the spam volume, which increases the bandwidth available for other Internet-based applications. In addition to keeping your email free of spam, viruses and other malicious content, you reap the benefits of lower email server utilization, and lower email archival capacity demand.

Not to worry about confidentiality of email communications and all the information they contain. We utilize TLS encryption. It works by establishing private email networks linking our users with their business-critical partners via the use of certificates. Every single email sent or received is fully and securely encrypted, while the encryption itself remains totally transparent to both sender and recipient.