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A great website is more than just pretty pictures.

Website Design

Web Design with MSI ( Millennium Solutions Inc. )
If you are looking for a clean web site design, you have come to the right place. Every client has an idea of their business site in their mind. It's our job to take your vision and build it to become something real. Our sites look professional, load quickly, are easy to navigate and are search engine friendly.Most anyone can build a web site but there is much more to a website than meets the eye. Will the search engines find your site easily? Will the graphics on your site be custom or will they look like many other templates out there? Your site design is a reflection of your business; the first impression is of the utmost importance.
The site navigation should be clear and concise and there should be a natural flow of progression in the menu system. Basically things should be where your visitors think they should be. For instance how many times have you went to a website, and spent several minutes looking for the phone number or address. It was very frustrating wasn't it? It's our job to get things in the right place. If your site is difficult to maneuver, your potential customer is more than likely to look someplace else.
When building your site we keep in mind that optimizing your site for the Search Engines is important. Is your site search engine friendly? The design must also notify the search engine what your business is all about, so they can place you at the top of your relative keyword phrase. Our designers are mindful of this during and after the design process.
Additional Services
  • Ecommerce
  • Intranet Website Design
  • Database Design
  • Basic Social Media Coaching
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords Services
  • Google Adsense Services
  • Blog Design
  • Basic Search Engine Optim. (SEO)
  • Print Design
More websites coming soon! Scroll down to see….
We are always working hard on new projects and will continue to post them as we complete them. So please check back often!   Other services we offer is web hosting, check out the WebRail and our logo design page.

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