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Structured cabling.
Structured Cabling.
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Moving from one location to another can be real exciting but getting there can be a real hassle. You are dealing with so many issues, wall color, floor and carpet choice etc…not to mention trying to run a business at the same time.

Most TI dollars (Tennant Improvement) do not cover voice and data cabling. You are left looking to find a low-voltage provider and you are not sure what to ask for. That’s where Millennium Solutions comes to the rescue. We are used to working with property management, landlords, building superintendents and inspectors and take the pressure off of you.

We are certified to install all low-voltage cabling including CAT3, CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 and we make certain that your network complies with local, state and federal codes as well as installation standards.

In the end we become much more than a low voltage provider. Let us explain.

It is a simple four step process.

Step one: The initial Meeting

Make the call and we will come to your current location. This gives you a chance to meet us face-to-face. If you have a low voltage floor plan we will need a copy. Provide us the address of the new location. We will then do a site survey for free.

Step two: The Savings

After we have completed the survey we will meet a second time. Here we will give you the breakdown of cost and together we will review your current technology requirements. We will show you how you can cut cost and get the most from your installation.

Step three: Schedule-Phase 1

We will acquire the low-voltage permit from the county. We will interface with the property management team and the superintendent to begin phase one of the cabling – better known as the rough in. Our team will pull cable to all offices where required. There is also a list of requirements you will need to complete that will ensure a smooth transition. We will provide you this list 35 days before move date. We will also survey the new site to ensure nothing has been missed that will delay the move.

Step four: Certify- Phase 2

By now all the walls are painted, the carpets laid and the ceiling is closed and the final inspection is near. Phases two is where we install all equipment, racks and label the face plates and do our final testing and job certification with all certifications caring a life-time warranty.

Whether you are moving, adding space or retrofitting regardless of the size of the job we would like the opportunity to be considered so please call us today.


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